Hello! I’m amélie. As a designer and writer, I’m a storyteller thinking about what it means to build new worlds, connections, and ways of existing through design and research.

Currently, I work at AKQA as an Associate UX Director, building a UX team from the ground up and documenting my process and experiences as I go. I’m most curious about the challenges and nuances of building an inclusive team while holding space for care, culture, and navigating stereotypically Eurocentric ideas of design leadership and power.‍

As for what excites me personally, I’m interested in exploring how anything designed shapes the collective past, present, and future of communities of color. My master’s thesis, completed at the School of Visual Arts, focused on the imagination as a technology guided by Afrofuturism and inspired by anime, reminding the Black diaspora of its power to reject, remix, rework and reclaim narratives of Blackness from negative mythologies.‍

Current and past projects include ArcanaThe Guide to Allyship, User Space Craft, and People of Craft.

Thanks for visting. :)

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